The amazing thing is that this place has so much Straits Chinese heritage, what we called Peranakan here in Singapore & Malaysia too!

Look at me posing right at their entrance, with all the typical Chinese Red lanterns making a warm traditional Chinese welcome! 

memory onon Phuket peranakan 

They have such amazing tiles!!!

memory onon Phuket peranakan

Plus the incredible touches of Peranakan display

memory onon Phuket peranakan


The staircases are also very charming, with the traditional mixed with the modern too! Peranakan-Chic!  

memory onon Phuket peranakan

I like the airy interiors with the fountains & how you can overlook from the second floor.memory onon Phuket peranakan



It's another very beautiful wedding with Story Wedding. Was highly recommended & glad to know that the bride's mom was very excited to have me! They saw my clips & was ultra-excited. I feel so honoured just soaking in their enthusiasm!

Wedding venues MBS Marina Bay Sands Decor emcee singer Alex

Singapore wedding MBS decor emcee Singer Alex Marina Bay Sands


I love the MBS decor as it spells out my very first song I'm singing-which is the couple's first March-In song L.O.V.E. Great fit indeed!!! Here are some of the shots I have taken. These Giant Beautifully crafted LOVE letters are very effectively in delivering that first impression, coupled by the 2 trees of white feathers, makes the setting rather ethereal, heavenly & light! Such a pleasing thing to The Eye!

So I decided to don on my new signature purple outfit, which always garner some rather pleasant comments. 

Wedding venues MBS Marina Bay Sands Decor emcee singer Alex







It's another beautiful Wedding Celebrations at the renowned Fullerton Hotel once again at the beautiful Straits Ballroom. The bride & groom Kellyn & Holy(HoeLee) picked this ballroom because of its beautiful white interiors & its amazing acoustics. Of course, the room does provides its challenges due to its reverberating arch ceilings. But i understand that it lends a historical grandeur that is quite unique, very different form other ballrooms, if you want that classical colonial elegance-you've got it!!!

Singapore Wedding Lunch dinner Fullerton Ballroom Banquet wedding packages Emcee Singer Alex Tan SingFullerton Wedding Bacdrop Decor Cake Banquet Lunch Dinner Emcee Alex Tan Sing

Oh ya 1 more thing to mention, the Fullerton staff provides such genuine great service. Everything is easy here as they are friendly & helpful & will go all the way to make it happen! I really like doing events here!  

Fullerton Wedding Catering sales Packages  Banquet Lunch Dinner Emcee Alex Tan Sing



I have recently decided to go back to explore my songwriting capabilties. As I chanced upon my old compositions, I began to appreciate them even more. Now with my renewed fervour, I thought it would be great to shore up my musical theory & give my piano & keyboard skills the much needed boost.

In the past, when I first began my songwriting, it was largely based on intuition. Notes & chords float in my head to give birth to melodies & songs. But now, it seems like as I go through musical theory, I understand the process so much better & clearer than before.

The litmus paper has always been the song Cant Help falling in Love by the great Elvis Prestley. I could hardly survive the initial bars of piano accompaniment. Now, after weeks of bashing creatively at my piano, I have found a lease of life for my musical journey!

A sense of accomplishment for the sense of accompaniment!!! What a musical pun!!! Now, I'm hungry for some indeed!  

This Serangoon Alumni Annual dinner was an amazing success. I put on my purple-blue floral zebra print complete with purple shoes to enliven the whole entire atmosphere. Indeed I met some familiar faces- they were all looking forward to having me as they remember the few events i have done. This is the 4th time already!!!

Wow I knew when I met with them it was going to be a wonderful night as they phyched me up!

 singapore emcee show entertainer Serangoon Alumni Alex Tan Sing


I was stoked, all hyped up ready to entertain. Indeed, the amazing audience was ready to have a good time. I think the treasure hunt went so well to warm up the audience. I love that i put in some thought into making a special tagline of "Friends Forever" for them in the game. 

Who knew that they were all out for more interaction as I began to engage them to do sing-along, with some of my new songs too! before long, as the evening progresses, I could really feel that they were loosening up

just have a look!

singapore emcee show entertainer Serangoon Alumni Alex Tan Sing

Who knew that they were all out for more interaction is engage them to do sing-along done for long and as the evening progresses I could really feel that they were listening up.

So many people came up to me to thank me for a great job done! Their immense enthusiasm and positive feedback really spurred me.   Quite a handful of them even wanted me for the next event, how exciting!

Even the hotel manager asked for my name card.

singapore emcee show entertainer Serangoon Alumni Alex Tan Sing


I even did a ChaCha Game with them to get them moving to my new Chacha repertoire! Just look at the fun they had!!!
Dinner & Dance Funny Emcee Alex Tan Sing Comedian Singer



Inspired by Dancing with the Stars, this year I decided to go with a fun Cha Cha theme as I began my foray into songs with Cha Cha rhythms.

I don on this floral colorful theme in line with the theme. 

Singapore emcee Alex d&d

So I thought it would be great to have a little dancing which worked well because they are such fun & active audience, ready to pounce on stage to pick up some movement & have some physical fun anytime!

So indeed, I did my usual singalong which helped to warm up the crowd. Before I knew it, they were up on their feet ready to go!

It's like a big Cha Cha ballroom dance competition with a local twist of course! So much fun they had -like our own little party!

Right after the event, the boss was so happy he came up to me to thank me and booked me for next year Aug 

I am booked for next year Aug!!! Can you believe that??? I am so glad people enjoy my emcee-ing that they are doing that! It shows I have come a long long way! But always remind myself, I still got a lot to learn

I was asked again to be the emcee-entertainer for their countdown-meaning probably i did a good enough job last year!

cos i did get this from the manager from one of the guests who really enjoyed themselves to the max that they thought of letting them know!

singapore nye emcee show entertainer band Alex Tan Sing

the theme this year is Knights vs Dollies so I have specially prepared to change & transform between the 2 themes to give them a variety of showtimes!


I was asked by ANRC to help them out with their Golf Tournament. So was wondering how I can make the event a little extra special for them.


Right after the initial speech, when it was time for dinner to be served, somehow as things happen like so in events, ie the unexpected delay-the Banquet Manager signaled to me that the first dish was not ready to be served, so I just right in to sing for them a song which everyone nodded their heads & allowed me to entertainer them with a song. Quite unexpectedly, they were so welcoming. So I entertained them until I saw the waitstaff were ready to serve up the first dish.

The warmup game was very well received, as I didnt expect them to be so forth coming. As i begin to realise, probably traditionally, golf events are very boring, so probably they found it very refreshing to have a singing emcee.

Then, as we announce the awards segment, I felt that it would be good to not prolong the programme as everyone have had a long day, & it so happened that the organising chairperson came & echo my opinion-which goes to show that understanding the nature of how events are, setting the right tone & mood is a valuable expertise I have somehow picked up to value-add.


Overall, & the golf event went so smoothly & I was glad 1 of guest even asked me to entertain him with an oldie evn thought the last lucky draw prize was given out already!

That is testament to them liking my singing & i was of course more than glad to do so!!


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Alex is back from Phuket

after a very successful MICE event!!! To great feedback!!! 

MIce event Phuket emcee Alex reviewMIce event Phuket emcee Alex review



Alex's NEW 2017 Bilingual CNY Lohei Video/Pix

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Brand New 2018 CNY Lohei Show

singapore chinese new year show lohei emcee singer mc host bilingual

Singapore chinese new year cny bilingual lohei lo hei emcee dancers show happy fei fei

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Join Alex at Serangoon Gardens Country Club as he entertains you with special theme shows for the east-meets-west theme of KNIGHTS vs DOLLIES

Multi-Lingual Emcee-Singer Alex

Multilingual not just Bilingual Alex can emcee & sing in all 4 Official SG Languages plus dialects & many more-Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Italian etc  

Alex has rep'd Singapore in

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dubai, Stockholm, 7 major Cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad), Seoul, Moscow, Bangkok, Jakarta, Jogjakarta  & many more cities  for Singapore Tourism Board & Singapore Airlines. 

& most recently in Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington for Singapore High Comms.

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Serangoon Alumni Dinner 2017

Entertaining all -young & old!

SIngapore fuuny emcee comedian singer Alex Tan Sing anniversary event bilingual

KaiWen&Emma Wedding @Marina Bay Sands

Singapore Wedding Emcee Singer Alex

Blue Valentine 10th Year Anniversary Celebrations

Singapore Anniversary Event Emcee Singer Male Alex

Singapore Anniversary Event Emcee Singer Male Alex

SEA Aquarium RWS Sentosa Wedding Event Male Emcee Singer Alex Tan Sing

Wedding at SEA Aquarium

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singapore Wedding Emcee Review Testimonial Alex tan Sing Testimonial D&D

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Singapore wedding lunch dinner emcee singer Alex Tan Sing Review Testimonial

singapore emcee Alex tan Sing Testimonial D&D

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Singapore wedding emcee Alex review

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SG50 Singapore ShowAlex just returned  from New Zealand after performing in Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington for the SG50 Celebrations Gala events for Singapore High Comms!!! To rave reviews!!!

Alex & his team just entertained the ASEAN 10 regional delegates

Rep'd sag in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dubai, Stockholm, 7 major Cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad), Seoul, Moscow, Bangkok, Jakarta, Jogjakarta  & many more cities  for Singapore Tourism Board & Singapore Airlines. 

& most recently in Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington for Singapore High Comms.

Alex just hosted for YTL CNY Celebrations end Jan 16

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Gardens By The Bay Show for ICN

Singapore Culture Customs

 Latest Alex sings Elvis D&D Show

 Alex sings ELvis Dinner & Dance Happy Fei Fei Show 

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Emcee Singapore Alex Around The World Dinner & Dance Theme

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Singapore Emcee Alex Tan Sing Gala Dinner & Dance D&D


Truly Engaging Experience

Singapore funny emcee comedan entertainer singer Alex Tan Sing D&D Galas Product Launch

Alex's NEW 2017 Bruce Lee Comedy Kungfu Show

Singapore Bilingual CNY Lo Hei Emcee Comedian Alex Tan Sing

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Alex just wowed delegates at the 32nd ASEAN Social Security Meeting!

Singapore Peranakan Baba Nonyas Costume Male Female

Alex just returned from Shenzhen for Manulife Star event!!!


Alex just entertained Gulf Interstate Delegates with his SG50 Cultural Show!

Alex is entertaining IBM Suite C Delegates with his Singapore Multi-Cultural Song & Dance Show!  

Alex just finished emcee-ing & singing for the Lions Club Book Launch to great success!

Next, Manulife QCC Club exclusive event! 


Alex just hosted Gala for the Zoo

Singapore Emcee Singer Gala AlexTanSing  

Rolling 60's at ANRC Charity Fundraising Dinner

Singapore Emcee Singer AlexTanSing Rolling 60's Rolling Good Times D&D




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Singapore Male Bilingual Emcee SG50 Alex Tan Sing NDP National Day

SG50 Show Singapore Cultural Song & Dance Show

SG50 Multi-Cultural Singer-PerformerSG50 Show Singapore Cultural Song & Dance Show


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BEEM Children's Day Charity Event to benefit disadvantaged kids on 4th Oct 14

Manulife Quarter Century Club Members Event on 30th Sep 14 

Ogawa Roadshow at the new Suntec Shopping Mall 13 - 14 Sep 14

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