I am so glad to be asked to be the emcee for BC's annual dinner event again. Unlike last year, it's a Beach Party this time. The atmosphere is totally different as the event organiser takes it outdoors for the great people of BC who have been so fun to entertain last year.

So with the change in atmosphere comes the change in approach as well. I think an emcee must be versatile enough to suit the audience as well as the ambience.



We started really well & early at the Beach for the beginning- Welcome Speech & Mannequin challenge, plus the Long Service Awards. After which the boss came up to me to say that I'm a natural. Compliments Compliements Compliement-ahh....music to my ears...heehee sorry that I went on a ego trip!!! 

But soon the weather change & we had no choice but to move indoors to continue the games & the BC Got Talent. All in all- a great event still!!! Because I went up to thank the chairman & he said "Don't be surprised if we call you again next year!!!"


Andrew Llyod Webber is a master at musicals & the Phantom of the Opera is one of his finest, most popular works! Indeed, it is unique in its musical expression. A show of the battle between good & bad, a mysterious passionate & haunting tune-the main soundtrack is both memorable & a work of art. Sung by the Pahntom & its Diva Christine, it is a duet but I am thinkign of singing both parts for an upcoming event, still pondering over the challange I am setting myself! 



I have been contacted last year to do their D&D but was already taken, so was quite excited being the first time hosting their D&D.  You never quite know what you gonna get with a new client & of course expectations have to be managed. I must say my years of experience comes into play to help me improvise & find the best way to motivate the staff as it is always a guessing game for the very first time. Feeling the crowd, I changes & adapted to make sure that I get them to enjoy themselves to the max. The feedback was that they found me funny & enjoyed my singing too! Event the videographer came & exclaimed his amazement at the way I handled them! I can only laugh later as you know know what are the expectations. Inside my mine I may be thinking that I am tanking like mad; but outside,. they are impressed & having a great time!  

Singapore D&D International theme

I do like my getup with the outfit that looks like a horse rider or a circus ringmaster as it was help at the Singapore Turf Club. Complete with the horse whip, i must give my outside a 10! a very Hot 10, because after that I have to swap & change into something more comfortable & suitable  for the 2nd part of the programme!

singapore Bilingual D&D Event emcee singer Alex tan Sing Testimonial International Theme D&

singapore Bilingual D&D Event emcee singer Alex tan Sing Testimonial International Theme D&

For the 2nd year, I have been asked to do ANRC's Charity Dinner. Held at QianXi Restaurant at the Civil Service Club, it was SPORTY NIGHT- a sports theme. Naturally, when you are asked to do the second time, the options to entertain the same guests will shrink, but the overall feedback was that it was better than last years' & that I am getting better at improvising on the spot- which made me quite delighted afterwards, because I am usually quite critical of my own work.

singapore emcee Alex tan Sing Sports theme D&D QinXi Restaurant Review

In the end, I think it important to give back to society by doing my little part for them, simply because they really try their best to care for the needy.

Well, I look forward to the next Charity Dinner & will be ready for the next challenge for sure! 

Finally, the big day has arrived for WeeKiat & Tungni & I am all psyched to tbe back here at the beautiful historical Fullerton Hotel. They have the very beautiful colonial-styled Straits Ballroom, complete with high ceilings, a white intricate decor & a grandeur to match.

I sang L.O.V.E by Michael Buble which I mixed into the Wedding March for the lopvely couple. AFter which I went on to introduce the first dish with Be Our Guest.

After the reception, the bride TungNi came & thank me & said friends were asking where she found me. Immediately, I knew she was happy with my service. Even her mom said I was the star of the event, but I quickly rebuked, saying  that I am just representing ther true stars of the night- the Bride & the Groom.

Singapore Bilingual Wedding Emcee Review Rates Alex Tan Sing Bilingual



We just did our colouful Our Singapore MultiCultural Song & Dance Show at MBS again!!!

This time Denise Keller was our host, so nice to catch up with old friends especially when she reminded me that I was the one who taught her how to catwalk, of course that is an overstatement, I just happen to be the choreographer for her very first catwalk fashion show. 

Anyway, this time we have a new challenge, the stage was an arena-style stage- right smack at the centre of the MBS Roselle Ballroom, so we had to face the audience at all sides, & we choreographed it in such a way that we can perform alternating between the 2 audiences on each side of the room as each culture takes the limelight in each segment. 

singapore Multi-Cultural Song & Dance Show Marina Bay Sands Opening Roselle Ballroom

 I really enjoy doing this show as the hard work of creating a beautiful show really pays off this time, even I couldnt take my eyes off the video. I will be posting the clip really soon for all to gasp & enjoy!!!


I found this amazing track Cutiepie that's fresh out of the Bollywood scene & took an instant liking to the song. Great rhythms & a danceable beat is what get me going on. Indeed Filmy Song of the Year!!! Bollywood style from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil featuring Ranbir Kapoor

That's why I love to explore these great traditional rhythms mixed with modern beats as music keeps evolving- that why I love to do my Multi-Cultural Showtimes-featuring Chinese Malay & of course Indian influences



This is true classic gold from the 70's Perfect for stretching my falsetto to the limit. I love the accapella arrangement too as I started out in the university with my accapella group Snjazz which almost won the varsity Talentime but didn't manage because the other group's mentor was in the judging panel-(Yap crying foul, unfair, "kelong" here) So we did get 2nd but we receive tremendous support!!!

Anyway, I thought of singing this for a Jungle Safari theme show I am doing in January for 3M Dinner & Dance at the Marina Bay Sands, together with my dancers, as it challenges me vocally with its insanely high octaves. Wish me luck!!!

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