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I was inspired to write this Children Song after performing A Happy Tune with the beautiful innocent kids from The Rainbow Centre, which helps autistic children reach their highest potential in their lives!!! Each colour is described as a feeling, an experience, a blessing we can sense, for them to know how beautiful this world can be...


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SPECIALLY FOR THE KIDS & FAMILIES & VOLUNTEERS attending the Children's Day Carnival organised by B.E.E.M., this song is specially for you too, download as my gift of love for you!!! STAY HAPPY ALWAYS!!! :), Alex Tan Sing



THE RAINBOW SONG composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

(verse : C  F  G7  C

chorus : C  F  Dm  G7  C)


C            F                      G7                C

Red is the colour of  love, the love you give to me

C                                   F                      G7                          C

Orange is the colour of happiness, the happy kid I want to be

C                    F                          G7                           C

Yellow is the colour of fun,  the bright, bright colour of the sun

C                   F                             G7                    C

Green is the colour of the leaves swaying in the trees

     G7                          C

 So come & sway with me



C                                F 

Fly to the middle of the rainbow

Dm                     G7

That's where we will go  

C                                            F

I will take the lead & you will follow

Dm                                     G7

Follow to the middle of the rainbow

C                           F

Flap your wings & fly

Dm                    G7

All across the sky

C                   F

We will fly so high

Dm                    G7

Rainbow, you & I 

Dm-         G7     C

Rainbow, you & I 


Blue is the colour of the sky as far as I can see

Indigo is the colour of the night, the color of mystery

Violet is the colour of the flower, the purple flower  that smells so sweet

These are the colours  of the rainbow

So come & play with me

Come & flap your wings


Repeat Chorus 




Flap your wings & fly

All across the sky

We will fly so high

Rainbow, you & I 

Rainbow, you & I 


Repeat lalala

Alex Tan


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I was inspired to write this song because simply because I love the fragrant brew--Yes I'm a caffeine addict! All of us love a great brew, for some coffee, for others tea... but always with a loved one.


Love is addictive like your favourite cuppa, isn't it? The excitement, the tinkle in the air, the aroma is simply irresistible...I particularly like the jazzy chord progression of the song, my first jazz song I have ever attempted to write.  The clever pun of 'sugar' in "coffee tea sugar & me" referring not just to the sweet ingredient but actually to your loved one...


it's dreamy, it's "Coffee, Tea"


COFFEE, TEA composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

C  Cmaj7  Fmaj7  G7


Coffee, Tea 

Sugar & me

There's something in the air that you can't resist 


Coffee, Tea 

Sugar & me

Oh don't you know that I just love your company


Dm7  G7  Em7  Am7-A7

Snuggle up in our chairs

Sitting here, without a care


F  Fm  Dm7-G7  C

Coffee tea

Sugar & me

Oh baby this love taste so sweet



It's like a dream 

A fantasy

There's a tinkle in the air, just like a first kiss 


It's like a dream

A beautiful dream

It's the way that you smile, & the way you laugh

the way you speak


Over a cuppa, we share

It's a simple love affair   


Coffee Tea    

Sugar & Me

I'm addicted to you can't you see


Coffee & Tea

Sugar & me

I'm addicted to you constantly


Please won't you please...   love me

Alex Tan
Alex Tan & Brian Bakar


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This song was written to celebrate my love for music, music to uplift me whenever I'm down. Hope "A Happy Tune" does that for you!

I even wrote a Mandarin version called 快乐歌


C     F       C      G7   

La la la      Lalala   x2


Verse 1

C                                 F

Hey when something gets you down

G7                          C

When things don't go your way

C                     F

You think of a happy tune

G7                             C

Melt those troubles away



No need to mope and frown

Put a smile on your face

Whisper A Happy Tune

It will be a brand new day



­­­­­­C                   F              F                G7

Come sing along          My happy song

C                  F              (Dm)         G7          C

Don't let it stop            Won't you let it go on and on 




C                           F

Whisper A Happy Tune  lalala

G7                              Em

When you're feeling blue  lalala

F                      Dm­­­

Let go all your troubles baby

G7           C

Come on join in too


Whisper A Happy Tune  lalala

When you're feeling blue  lalala

No more worries      just remember 

You know  what to do


La la la Lalala x2

Verse 3

Start with the melody  

As simple as ABC­

Sprinkle some positivity

Then, you're be happy as can be


Verse 4

Look at life a little differently 

Change the air that you breathe

Hold on to all your hopes & dreams

They will come true eventually          

Repeat Bridge, Chorus


快乐歌                                      composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

                                               M:9686 4424e:


La… 当你悲伤的时候


只要想起这首 快乐歌 

































Alex Tan


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Do you remember the very first time you tasted candy? How we love candy when we were kids?

Love should always be like that... Innocent Love...Sweet Sweet Love!


SWEET SWEET LOVE composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

(Chord progression  D-Bm G-A)

I'm in love with you my baby

Sweet sweet love

Hmm... taste like candy 

Wo-oh oh oh oh 

I'm in love with you 

With you my baby


I'm in love with you my baby

Sweet sweet love

Oh  baby kiss me

Wo-oh oh oh

So in love with you 


It was love at first sight I remember when ya

Took a look at me and smile I remember when ya

Flash those beautiful eyes & i couldnt resist  

Wo-oh oh oh   


So I linger around longer than I should have 

and I  took up the courage   to say hello but I-I-I-gagged   

ask you for your name so that's how it all begin   

Wo-oh oh oh    


We held hands like there's no tomorrow

We made plans...  how we laugh and giggle

Like school children, we kiss & we play                        

everywhere we go 


I'm in love with you my baby

Can't get enough of your sweet loving

Woah...I'm in love with you  


So in love with you



My NEW SONG!!! (it will be in my next EP)

I have the privilege of being asked to mentor the finalists for Singapore Kindness Movement's "Melody of Hope". Check it out here. To share my inspiration with the next generation of songwriters, I decided to record this video.

This is a song I have written asking myself why I love my country while waiting for the National Day Parade to start. I believe action speaks louder than words. Hope this inspires more people to do more to create the Singapore we have always dreamt of...So these are the reasons why I love you Singapore & why I am going to Love You More!




   by Alex Tan, ,, m96864424
F                Fsus4
24-hour convenient stores
F                                 Fsus4
Endless yummy hawker food galore
F                               Bb            C     
Yet there seems to be something more
       Bb                               F                                 
That special feeling well you know
Bb                                          F
Aiya that very special feeling lor

F                Fsus4
Take a walk, enjoy the greenery
F                      Fsus4
Admist choas of boosting the economy
F                       Bb      C   
In this frantically mad city
Bb                         F                                 
Try to find tranquility
Bb                               F                                 
Try to find my sense of peace

F                                     Bb
Well that's the reason why I love you Singapore 
F                                        Bb
That's the reason, you're the island I adore
F                                Bb                     C
That's the reason why I love you more & more
Bb                   F 
Cos  you're my Singapore... 
Bb                       F 
You're our beloved Singapore!
Bb                       F
That's why I'm gonna Love You More!
F                       Fsus4
Different colours, different creed
F                      Fsus4
Living in perfect harmony
     F                  Bb                  C     
So pls don't ever lose your identity
      Bb                               F                                 
Cos you're the reason I am me, 
Bb                                     F
You're the reason I am me
F                                     Bb
Well that's the reason why I love you Singapore 
F                                        Bb
That's the reason, you're the island I adore
F                                Bb
That's the reason why I love you more & more
Bb                   F 
Cos  you're my Singapore... 
Bb                       F 
You're our beloved Singapore!
Bb                       F 
That's why I'm gonna Love You More
You 're not just Singapore 
You' re my Singapore, You're our Singapore 
You'll always be our Singapore
Alex Tan
Alex Tan


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Every Singaporean has their favourite Singapore National song. I wrote this one because I couldn't find a suitable song to describe Singapore in a particular way....I was entasked a project to represent Singapore on the international stage, but to describe Singapore as a beautiful Garden- it was difficult to find one that aptly describes my beautiful home with a magical like any true blue patriotic Singapore Singer, I wrote my very first song, with no musical training & became a Singapore Singer-Songwriter.

To me the poetic approach & the visual imagery builds the idea of what Singapore is like to those who have yet been here. That's how I  describe my beautiful country to foreigners to welcome them here...It's like describing Paradise on earth. Yet the most important thing is not just that---it is the feeling we get inside our hearts, this love for Singapore- where we call home...

In fact, this very first song I wrote set me on the path to pursue proper training in music & songwriting... Up till today, I'm still amazed by how it came about with my lack of musical background then. I knew it was a calling for me to be a songwriter- that's why I embarked on this journey, this seemingly-impossible journey of fulfilling my dream as a songwriter, completing my lifelong childhood dream to be a singer!

Well I hope one day, every Singaporean knows this song & feel the love I have for my country when they hear this song, this gift is for my beloved country...

"Singapore, you will always be the one!

Singapore my island in the sun

Singapore feel the magical in the air

Singapore, just let me take you there!" 

Special thanks to Mr Indra Shahrir Ismail for helping me with the arrangement which I still love till this day, "THANKS SIR!!!"


GARDEN PARADISE composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar


Verse 1: 

It’s a Garden Paradise

Where the sun will always shine

& the colours of the land will leave you with a high


It’s a place where earth meets sky

Watch the clouds go passing by

In your heart, you’ve finally found some rest 

Some peace of mind



Singapore… You’ll always be the one 

Singapore… My island in the sun

Singapore… The magic in the air

Singapore… Let me take you there

You can run but you cannot hide 

This feeling that you feel inside


Verse 2:

It’s a Garden Paradise

Every scene will hypnotize

Hear the breeze caress the trees in tender lullabies


Oh the birds & the butterflies

Dance before your very eyes

Celebrate the wonder of life in a sweet romantic flight


Repeat Chorus

Singapura… oh.. Singapura… 

Repeat Chorus

Alex Tan
Alex Tan


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In celebration of Tun Chye & Perlie's wedding, allowing me to sing this special song for their big day, I have made this a FREE download for all the guests.


ME & YOU composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

Chorus :       F  Dm  F  Dm  Bb  C  F

Verse:          F  Dm  Bb  Bbm

Pre-Chorus : F  Dm  Bb  C


Me & You 

Forever   it's just us two

You can't deny 

Just Me & You Together  we're stuck like glue

A little more laughter

Sunny or stormy weather


You ask me what the future holds

Baby this I can't be really sure

Well one thing, I know this for sure

Though the vision may be blur



For rich or poor

For better or for worse

Of this I'm sure, yes I 

I wanna tell the whole world 

Chorus 1


From now on, and forever more

I know you're the one for me

A promise till eternity

Together let's our hearts build our dream




(Cos nothing else matters

as long as we're together) 

Alex Tan
Alex Tan


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Dance has always been a part of my creative journey ever since I got into music. This pop track is inspired by the pure energy of music & rhythm, how it moves me, motivates me & how it takes over me.

So I hope it does the same for you, sometimes all we need to feel alive is play a piece of music, listen, feel it & just let go... & Just Dance!!!


DANCE EVERYBODY by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar 

Come on     Can you feel it?

Come on everybody   Can you feel the heat?

Anticipation hanging in the air you breathe

It's starting now, & really this is what you need

So close your eyes & feel the music & the beat



Just Dance Everybody

Dance It's a party

Just Dance Move your body

Dance Everybody 


Come on Everybody   Move to the beat

Just let the rhythm of the music set you free  

It's really easy, just let go & do your thing

Oh loosen up a bit, come on & let it swing!


Just Dance Everybody

Dance It's a party

Just Dance Move your body

Dance it's a party


Come on Everybody time to hit the streets

Go where it's happening where party people meet

The moves are easy, simple choreography      

If you just follow, you know I will take the lead


Join us for a ride    Yeah

Let's take it way up high  Up high


Alex Tan
Alex Tan


STAR composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

Gb Key

This is the moment.  This is the time

I've been waiting for this all my life

This is the moment I feel alive

i've been waiting for my time to shine

Close my eyes & imagine that

Everything's gonna be alright

Take some time, to say a prayer

& believe, keep saying this...

You...You are a Star

A beautiful Star

You shine so bright wherever you are

You are a Star

A beautiful Star 

You shine so bright wherever you are

wherever you are

Go ahead and bring it, remember to breathe

Know that it will all come naturally

I fight heartache & tears, I perservere

Feel all my inhibitions disappear

Close my eyes & imagine that

everything's gonna turn out just fine

I'm gonna

Seize the day and live my dream

and insist, keep repeating this

Alex Tan
Alex Tan



When life seems impossible to live

& it's getting hard to breathe 

It's in you I've learnt to believe

Cos you are always there for me 

When this world brings me to my knees 

When I'm weary when I am weak

Oh when trouble never seems to cease

I hang down my head & I humbly plea

You're the one I can depend

You're always there to lend a helping hand

Give me love, you give me strength

You are there make me whole again

Set me free Oh Set me free

Cos I believe You set me free

When the walk seems like eternity

When there's no more strength in me

Even tho the pain is hard to ease

I know you will always be there for me

You're the one I can depend

You're always there to lend a helping hand

Give me love, you give me strength

You are there make me whole again

Set me free  Oh Set me free

Cos I believe You set me free

Set me free Oh Set me free

So tenderly You set me free

Alex Tan
Alex Tan



Do I have to tell ya       Time & time again

You can’t wait forever   Baby This is not a game

Send your energy out to the universe

It can never get worse

Be the very first           Feel it coming back

Feel the love in reverse

You are beautiful 

Let nothing get to you

So beautiful   

In everything you do

Feel the lights colliding into the stratosphere

Fly right beside me baby to a new frontier

Travel faster at the speed of light

Till the end of night

Moving pass all your fears

Come on Let it out 

There’s no wrong there’s no right

You are beautiful 

Let nothing get to you

So beautiful   

In everything you do

Baby come on you are beautiful

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MultiLingual Alex can emcee & sing in all 4 Official Languages plus dialects & many more-Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Italian etc  


Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dubai, Stockholm, 7 major Cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad), Seoul, Moscow, Bangkok, Jakarta, Jogjakarta  & many more cities  for Singapore Tourism Board & Singapore Airlines. 

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Singapore Anniversary Event Emcee Singer Male Alex

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