RTAS Centennial Celebrations/ New Year Dinner Videos

RTAS Part 1- Formal

0:00    Arrival of Guests

4:13     Arrival of Guest-of-Honour

10:08   Welcome by Alex Tan Sing

12:20   Speech by President

16:07   Speech by GOH

20:44   Lohei

24:40   RTAS 100 Video

33:00   Cake Cutting & Toast

39:02   Prize Presentation


RTAS Part 2- Entertainment

0:00     CNY Showtime 春回大地万象更新, 花开富贵福满门

15:00   Face Changer

23:02   Nostalgia Showtime 怀旧老歌, 回忆过去, 百听不厌 

38:21   RTAS Member Sings

46:11   MultiCultural Showtime 白花盛开风味多, 多元种族新加坡


Need a Special Showtime???

Contact Alex to specially create 1 for you-from Songwriting to performing it-Anything is possible!!!

Alex can sing & play on ukulele

& dance the Hawaii Hula too!

singapore hawaiian shirt DnD theme emcee singer fun games

ALEX's New Fun DnD Showreel

Why Alex is 1 of Singapore's funniest Emcees

Click to download this video(then right save as) 

Multi-lingual Emcee-Singer Alex

Fluent in English & Chinese, can converse in Malay & in dialects

Sing in all 4 Official SG Languages, in dialects & many more other languages-Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Thai etc  

Alex is learning Korean at the moment 안녕하세요 !

singapore thai wedding multilingual emcee singer Thai Song Alex Tan Sing

Alex just returned from Shanghai


singapore emcee Bilingual D&D Event emcee singer review Alex tan Sing Testimonial D&D

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