In 2015, Singapore celebrated its 50th Birthday! Alex & his Artistix troupe are honoured to have represented Singapore in New Zealand for the SG50 Gala Celebrations!

The shows feature Singapore's rich cultural heritage-fusing traditional Chinese, Malay, Indian & Peranakan cultures with an East-meets-West, Old-meets-New kind of approach. This colourful artistic showcase is bound to make every Singaporean proud & wow every foreigner delegate & visitor!

Appropriate for Convention Openings, a beautiful display of Asian cultures, the Artistix multi-cultural song & dance showcase will excite, inspire & delight your senses! 

The shows are a celebration of music songs & dance of various cultures which resides harmoniously, a show of unity in diversity! Uniquely Singapore indeed!!!

Having represented Singapore on the international stages, promoting Singapore tourism and cultures fervently over the past 15 years, Alex & the Artistix performers will entertain with a touch of class!!!

Pls contact here to ask for Show Rates, Video & Permission to use this photoSingapore sg50 Cultural Song & Dance Shows

LATEST!!! Alex just performed with the Artistix team at the Changi Millionaire Grand Draw 2015 as well as for the New Zealand High Commission Gala Dinners & ASEAN 10! 


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Great for CONVENTION OPENINGS & WELCOME CEREMONIES for foreign delegates to Singapore with Alex's Original songs "Singapore... Garden Paradise" & "Welcome to Singapore!"


The PERANAKAN STYLE highlighted here in a unique way with SINGING & DANCING WAITERS & WAITRESSES 


My NEW SG50 SONG!!! (it will be in my next EP)

This is a my SG50 song I have written. I ask myself why I love my country while waiting for one National Day Parade to start.

I believe action speaks louder than words. Hope this inspires more people to do more to create the Singapore we have always dreamt of in the next 50years... That we keep remind that it all comes from the heart, love for our nation.

So these are the reasons why I love you Singapore & why I am going to Love You More!


Alex wrote, sang & performed this original song, in CATCHY, MODERN POP-inspired style, for SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD called "WELCOME TO YOUR SINGAPORE!"


Other SG50 Shows such as the Nostalgic theme shows are always available to wow your audience on special request basis, so feel free to contact Alex!

singapore cultures dress musical & cultural song & dance show performance dress costume


Need a Special Showtime???

Contact Alex to specially create 1 for you-from Songwriting to performing it-Anything is possible!!!

Alex can sing & play on ukulele

& dance the Hawaii Hula too!

singapore hawaiian shirt DnD theme emcee singer fun games

ALEX's New Fun DnD Showreel

Why Alex is 1 of Singapore's funniest Emcees

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Multi-lingual Emcee-Singer Alex

Fluent in English & Chinese, can converse in Malay & in dialects

Sing in all 4 Official SG Languages, in dialects & many more other languages-Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Thai etc  

Alex is learning Korean at the moment 안녕하세요 !

singapore thai wedding multilingual emcee singer Thai Song Alex Tan Sing

Alex just returned from Shanghai


singapore emcee Bilingual D&D Event emcee singer review Alex tan Sing Testimonial D&D

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