Post-Covid, Alex has become Singapore's most Engaging & Entertaining Live Streamer-Content Creator with many projects-   

- “Saturday Night Live with Alex Tan Sing” Stream Series of 5 episodes with different themes for Sistic Live   

To the various themes:-   

29 Aug 2020 Night at the Movies   
5 Sep 2020 Disney Magic   
12 Sep 2020 Saturday Night Fever   
19 Sep 2020 Rock & Roll   
26 Sep 2020 Back to the 80’s-Solid Gold  

-"Sing & Move with Alex Tan Sing" -a series of 10 workout series spanning June & July 2020 with Singing & Upper Body movement for all Seniors stuck at Home during the Circuit Breaker as well as Elderly from various Old Folks Homes & Rehab Centres. Alex is now a Sport Sg Live Streamer/Trainer.  

-"Stop the Virus Dance Workout & Music Video", a workout series for kids & a special music video produced with Alex's Original song, his contribution to teach & conquer Covid 19 together, with the support of Sports Singapore & Our Singapore Fund. The video was completed & uploaded to YouTube & FB from July 2020   

-National Day Live Stream with Queenstown CC in August 2020  

-Halloween "Superheroes Stop the Virus Live Stream" with Queenstown Life Champion in October 2020  

-Pinnacle @Duxton Year End Live Stream Party for Pinnacle @Duxton Dec 2020

-Current project "Singalong Singapore with Alex Tan Sing" , supported by Our Singapore Fund goes on till 2021, s series of Singalong Video & online Streams to cheer up Singaporeans & unite them with his special renditions of multilingual  & multicultural traditional favourites like Rasa Sayang, Chan Mali Chan & his originals Make you Smile & 快乐歌。 

ALEX is now a full fledge Live Streamer-Content Creator

Singapore Live Streamer ShowHost Content creator Alex Tan Sing

Singapore's most engaging Live Streamer-Content Creator Alex Tan Sing

Singalong Singapore with Alex Tan Sing

Alex cheers up all Singaporeans as well as Old Folks from Rehab Centre, Lee Ah Mooi Home etc