From the recording Sweet Sweet Love (FREE mp3)

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Do you remember the very first time you tasted candy? How we love candy when we were kids?
Love should always be like that... Innocent Love...Sweet Sweet Love!


SWEET SWEET LOVE composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar
(Chord progression  D-Bm G-A)
I'm in love with you my baby
Sweet sweet love
Hmm... taste like candy 
Wo-oh oh oh oh 
I'm in love with you 
With you my baby
I'm in love with you my baby
Sweet sweet love
Oh  baby kiss me
Wo-oh oh oh
So in love with you 
It was love at first sight I remember when ya
Took a look at me and smile I remember when ya
Flash those beautiful eyes & i couldnt resist  
Wo-oh oh oh   
So I linger around longer than I should have 
and I  took up the courage   to say hello but I-I-I-gagged   
ask you for your name so that's how it all begin   
Wo-oh oh oh    
We held hands like there's no tomorrow
We made plans...  how we laugh and giggle
Like school children, we kiss & we play                        
everywhere we go 
I'm in love with you my baby
Can't get enough of your sweet loving
Woah...I'm in love with you  
So in love with you