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Every Singaporean has their favourite Singapore National song. I wrote this one because I couldn't find a suitable song to describe Singapore in a particular way....I was entasked a project to represent Singapore on the international stage, but to describe Singapore as a beautiful Garden- it was difficult to find one that aptly describes my beautiful home with a magical quality...so like any true blue patriotic Singapore Singer, I wrote my very first song, with no musical training & became a Singapore Singer-Songwriter.
To me the poetic approach & the visual imagery builds the idea of what Singapore is like to those who have yet been here. That's how I  describe my beautiful country to foreigners to welcome them here...It's like describing Paradise on earth. Yet the most important thing is not just that---it is the feeling we get inside our hearts, this love for Singapore- where we call home...
In fact, this very first song I wrote set me on the path to pursue proper training in music & songwriting... Up till today, I'm still amazed by how it came about with my lack of musical background then. I knew it was a calling for me to be a songwriter- that's why I embarked on this journey, this seemingly-impossible journey of fulfilling my dream as a songwriter, completing my lifelong childhood dream to be a singer!
Well I hope one day, every Singaporean knows this song & feel the love I have for my country when they hear this song, this gift is for my beloved country...
"Singapore, you will always be the one!
Singapore my island in the sun
Singapore feel the magical in the air
Singapore, just let me take you there!" 
Special thanks to Mr Indra Shahrir Ismail for helping me with the arrangement which I still love till this day, "THANKS SIR!!!"


GARDEN PARADISE composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar
Verse 1: 
It’s a Garden Paradise
Where the sun will always shine
& the colours of the land will leave you with a high
It’s a place where earth meets sky
Watch the clouds go passing by
In your heart, you’ve finally found some rest 
Some peace of mind
Singapore… You’ll always be the one 
Singapore… My island in the sun
Singapore… The magic in the air
Singapore… Let me take you there
You can run but you cannot hide 
This feeling that you feel inside
Verse 2:
It’s a Garden Paradise
Every scene will hypnotize
Hear the breeze caress the trees in tender lullabies
Oh the birds & the butterflies
Dance before your very eyes
Celebrate the wonder of life in a sweet romantic flight
Repeat Chorus
Singapura… oh.. Singapura… 
Repeat Chorus