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In celebration of Tun Chye & Perlie's wedding, allowing me to sing this special song for their big day, I have made this a FREE download for all the guests.


ME & YOU composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar
Chorus :       F  Dm  F  Dm  Bb  C  F
Verse:          F  Dm  Bb  Bbm
Pre-Chorus : F  Dm  Bb  C
Me & You 
Forever   it's just us two
You can't deny 
Just Me & You Together  we're stuck like glue
A little more laughter
Sunny or stormy weather
You ask me what the future holds
Baby this I can't be really sure
Well one thing, I know this for sure
Though the vision may be blur
For rich or poor
For better or for worse
Of this I'm sure, yes I 
I wanna tell the whole world 
Chorus 1
From now on, and forever more
I know you're the one for me
A promise till eternity
Together let's our hearts build our dream
(Cos nothing else matters
as long as we're together)