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I was inspired to write this song because simply because I love the fragrant brew--Yes I'm a caffeine addict! All of us love a great brew, for some coffee, for others tea... but always with a loved one.
Love is addictive like your favourite cuppa, isn't it? The excitement, the tinkle in the air, the aroma is simply irresistible...I particularly like the jazzy chord progression of the song, my first jazz song I have ever attempted to write.  The clever pun of 'sugar' in "coffee tea sugar & me" referring not just to the sweet ingredient but actually to your loved one...
it's dreamy, it's "Coffee, Tea"


COFFEE, TEA composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar

C  Cmaj7  Fmaj7  G7

Coffee, Tea 
Sugar & me
There's something in the air that you can't resist 
Coffee, Tea 
Sugar & me
Oh don't you know that I just love your company
Dm7  G7  Em7  Am7-A7
Snuggle up in our chairs
Sitting here, without a care
F  Fm  Dm7-G7  C
Coffee tea
Sugar & me
Oh baby this love taste so sweet
It's like a dream 
A fantasy
There's a tinkle in the air, just like a first kiss 
It's like a dream
A beautiful dream
It's the way that you smile, & the way you laugh
the way you speak
Over a cuppa, we share
It's a simple love affair   
Coffee Tea    
Sugar & Me
I'm addicted to you can't you see
Coffee & Tea
Sugar & me
I'm addicted to you constantly
Please won't you please...   love me