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I was inspired to write this Children Song after performing my song A Happy Tune with the beautiful innocent kids from The Rainbow Centre, which helps autistic children reach their highest potential in their lives!!!
Each colour is described as a feeling, an experience, a blessing we can sense, for them to know how beautiful this world can be...

We should accept them & teach every child to understand that everyone is different & so we must learn to appreciate that difference but not reject or fear that!

Let's embrace them & learn to be better human beings!

Hope you join me & appreciate! Much love!!! :)....

love, Alex Tan Sing


THE RAINBOW SONG composed by Alex Tan & Brian Bakar
(verse : C  F  G7  C
chorus : C  F  Dm  G7  C)
C            F                      G7                C
Red is the colour of  love, the love you give to me
C                                   F                      G7                          C
Orange is the colour of happiness, the happy kid I want to be
C                    F                          G7                           C
Yellow is the colour of fun,  the bright, bright colour of the sun
C                   F                             G7                    C
Green is the colour of the leaves swaying in the trees
     G7                          C
 So come & sway with me
C                                F 
Fly to the middle of the rainbow
Dm                     G7
That's where we will go  
C                                            F
I will take the lead & you will follow
Dm                                     G7
Follow to the middle of the rainbow
C                           F
Flap your wings & fly
Dm                    G7
All across the sky
C                   F
We will fly so high
Dm                    G7
Rainbow, you & I 
Dm-         G7     C
Rainbow, you & I 
Blue is the colour of the sky as far as I can see
Indigo is the colour of the night, the color of mystery
Violet is the colour of the flower, the purple flower  that smells so sweet
These are the colours  of the rainbow
So come & play with me
Come & flap your wings
Repeat Chorus 
Flap your wings & fly
All across the sky
We will fly so high
Rainbow, you & I 
Rainbow, you & I 
Repeat lalala