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BEFORE COVID-=2019 Funny DnD SHOWREEL for Dinner & Dance Events & Corporate Parties!  FREE Singing Showtimes to hype up every physical event- with fun, laughter & entertainment


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All-in-1 Entertainer-Emcee-Singer-Songwriter-Comedian-Dance Instructor-Show Producer

& now Post-Covid ---an Edutainment Provider-Content Creator-Live Streamer.

NEWS FLASH: Alex is now an Active Enabler endorsed by Sport Singapore with 2 Online Projects:

-Sing & Move with Alex Tan Sing Live Stream-Online classes for Old Folks & Seniors stuck at home during Circuit Breaker 

-Stop the Virus Music Video & Workout series for Kids 

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POST COVID-19---Alex has become a Edutainment Provider-Content Creator educating Kids & general public re Covid 19  & a Live Streamer for Live Events to stream online promotional events & activites.  

Alex naturally became a Content Creator when Covid-19 struck & created the most unprecedented times, a global catastrophe. To try to put his talents to better use, he decided to adopt a proactive mindset to help fellow Singaporeans & global citizens cope & overcome difficulties these trying times. He hopes that his positive mindset, his never-give-up mentality & an intelligent & wise approach can help cheer & uplift spirits of fellow citizens plus make a difference in reminding everyone of the social responsibilities.

From writing an original song about how to stop the spread of the coronavirus to song parody asking everyone to Stay Home to stay safe to funny laments about the Circuit breaker extension, to the so-called "sovereign" citizen incident to the Safe Re-Opening post-Circuit-Breaker measures to the Roberson Quay "illegal gatherings", Alex has unknowingly documented the entire Covid-19 events chronologically, even to his own surprise as he recounts!

Right before Covid 19 Pandemic is declared

ALEX wrote & sang this ANTI-COVID 19 song called STOP THE VIRUS -Doing his part to educate kids to help stop the spread with these simple steps!!!

ALEX reminding Singaporeans to STAY HOME during the Circuit Breaker period with this funny song parody of Wang Chung's Everybody Have Fun Tonight, as this famous 80's hit is super catchy. He is also punning on the Have Fun part as he believes Staying Home is Staying Safe equals being alive & having fun!  

Alex entertaining fellow Facebook friends with the continuation of the Retro 80's repertoire instead of joining people to do panic buying & hoarding after a massive leak of the PM's National-wide Speech Circuit Breaker Extension. At the same time, he is reminding fellow Singaporeans to not crowd together as it defeats the purpose of the further measure taken!!!

ALEX's Funny Song Parody about the Circuit Breaker Extension. Another month sent Singaporeans going just a little crazy, so Alex had to sing about that to make people laugh it out! He believes it is very cathartic & therapeutic! 

ALEX's funny Song Parody about the infamous Sovereign Singapore Citizen who refused to obey the law & wear a mask. This song parody itself struck a chord with many Singaporeans as it truly expresses their frustrations over disobedient fellow citizens who are uncooperative. They needed someone to articulate that this defiant nature was truly unacceptable that's why it is a netizens' outcry! Turns out the lady might have mental issues, who knows!

Alex was very touched by online posts of fellow Singaporeans singing Home to show support to the frontliners, so he decided to attempt a new version the next day. Plus some last minute additions for fellow Muslims fasting during the Covid Ramadhan.

Alex took part to pay tribute to the front-liners with his original song "Reach For The Stars!" for the inaugural Star Association Online Tribute to the front-liners. 

Alex sings about the overwhelming phenomenon of Zoom as a replacement for social gatherings. 

ALEX's Funny Song Parody about the SAFE ReOpening to the classic L.O.V.E song. 

Alex will continue to document & contribute in a socially-conscious way. His aim is to educate & entertain, guide & remind fellow Singaporeans, to grow wiser & to contribute to the progress of our Singapore, a place he proudly calls Home!

It has been his dream is to record this original song which he wrote for SG50 & hope fellow Singaporeans will 1 day hear & love this song & feel his passion for this beautiful island city he truly loves! He hopes to brighten the skies of Singapore like the Singapore sun!!!  

2019 Fun Party DnD MASS DANCE GAME SHOWREEL for Dinner & Dance Events & Corporate Parties!  

UNIFYING & UNBELIEVABLE FUN Alex unites everyone   

Alex's Brand New 2017 BE OUR GUEST Showreel- 1st Course Presentation for Weddings, Anniversary Galas & D&Ds (Dinner & Dance)

New Mandarin Nostalgia Showtime with Dancers 陈星 怀旧金曲 歌舞秀 ready for CNY booking!!! 

Alex's DnD 2016 Showreel- Tribute to Elvis! Showtime with Interactive Games 

The All-New 2019 Rock & Roll Showtime!-THE SHOW


2015 D&D Teambuilding Mass Dance Showreel  


Dinner & Dance Retro 70's

 Alex's 2018 Latest Wild Wild West Showtime-For Kids Programme


SG50 SINGAPORE Cultural Show performed for Changi Millionaire Grand Draw 2015 & for Singapore High Commision Gala Dinner Events in New Zealand-COLOURFUL & CHARISMATIC 

Alex's Rock & Roll Grease Musical Showcase with Staff Choreography


Alex's Most Recent Big Show 100th Year Anniversary Celebration for Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (more videos here)

Alex's CNY Lohei Clip for Chinese New Year Lohei Luncheons & Dinners

LIVELY & LIKEABLE Alex creates festive spirit

  Download this Clip(right save linked as)Brand New Original Song for next EP-  called "Love You More, Singapore!"

When you require a special song for your campaign to create branding or build awareness or convey a message, you can rely on Alex's NUS BBA Marketing background & his creativity.  Here's Alex's original composition for Trans Family Services's 40th Anniversary:-


Alex composes & conceptualises this unique "DO THE DOUBLE DEGREE" JINGLE & MARKETING CAMPAIGN for KAPLAN, an educational institution looking for fresh new ideas ---An original FLASH MOB was produced by him & his team!!!


Singapore Funny Emcee Bilingual Male Wedding Event Emcee Services Review Rates Alex Tan Sing Bilingual Event

Internationally, he has represented Singapore on many occasions to promote tourism for Singapore, its rich diverse cultures & heritage over the past 20 years for the Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore Airlines & Singapore High Commission. Showcasing his various talents from creative songwriting to singing to choreography, Alex has always made Singapore proud! 

CRAZY CULTURALLY RICH ASIANS Singapore Cultural Song & Dance Ethnic Show Culture Marina Bay Sands 

Looking for a show to represent Singapore??? Click here

He has performed at Los Angeles for Singapore Airlines as well as the renowned Las Vegas Caesar's Palace & Mandalay Bay's Four Seasons. To Houston, Moscow, Dubai, 7 major cities in India to promote Singapore F1 Night Race, & in Korea to represent Singapore Tourism Board at the ASEAN Cultural & Tourism Fair.

He just performed to rave reviews in New Zealand for the Singapore High Commission SG50 Gala Celebrations, doing Singapore & Singaporeans proud for the nations' golden jubilee, in Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington!


 singapore emcee comedian singer entertainer Alex


(Above Alex with Dancers in Moscow for Singapore Tourism Board)

Always exuding positivity & likeability, Alex warms people's hearts with his smile & sincerity, impresses them with his voice, singing, dancing & countless talents, as well as wow them with his energy, his creativity, his wit, his passion & personality!

As a professional emcee, he has become Singapore's most unique professional event showhost, a shining star on stage!


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ALEX - Singer-Songwriter 


As a professional entertainer, Alex's vocals is an instant crowd winner. Clear & bright like our tropical sun, he reaches out & warms the listeners' hearts with his unstoppable energy!


As a songwriter, his songs are always uplifting, inspiring hope & love. Feel the energy of change with each song from within your hearts.Each song is written with the purpose of empowering the soul to reach its highest potential, for the individual & the benefit of the world around us...& hence the birth of "Star"




About Album "Star"
His new album "Star" with its title track "Star" encapsulates his lifelong dream to be a singer-songwriter, a musical poet who crafts his songs to create a beautiful world. Overcoming obstacles along the way, he is determined to make a difference- to shine like a star in the darkness of the night. Feel the light that shines from each word, meanings with heartfelt emotions, each melodic nuance brings you to a higher place of inspirational bliss!


A total of 9 original tracks from pop, rock to hip hop to dance to jazz, from sophisticated ballads to simple children's song, the variety of music is much like the different flavours of life, the different colours of the spectrum of light...


'Singapore...Garden Paradise' was the first song Alex has ever written as he began his journey as a singer-songwriter. While representing Singapore, he searched for a song that would describe Singapore as a beautiful garden city. Frustrated & failing to find a suitable one, he decided to write one himself! Hence the birth of 'Singapore --- Garden Paradise'.
Actively involving himself in aiding charities, Alex was inspired to write "The Rainbow Song" after performing with the autistic children of The Rainbow Centre, the last track of the album. Such is an example of the manifestation of his love & concern for the world...


For the Album Launch, Alex & the Artistix artistes performed a series of musical showcase at Star Vista (new mall next to Buona Vista MRT) in December 2012. Limited Edition Star CDs were given out free! All in all, Alex's music, the shows were so well received by audience of all ages!!!


Read more about his inspirations, Listen to the album "Star" & Get FREE Mp3 tracks here



Singapore Professional Event Emcee Alex Tan Sing male emcee for corporate event singapore

 (Above Alex at Media Launch of Partnership between Kaplan & Murdoch) 


 (Alex hosting & singing CNY Lohei events in Mandarin & English)

 Alex's Brand New 2018 CNY Showtime 最新2018新春欢庆节目搞笑娱乐秀   

For CNY Show Clips & Info click here



Stay tuned for more exciting news & updates on Alex's next Album/EP

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