Covid 19 Concert 1 

I started my very first Covid Concert. Thought it will help to dispel the gloom people are having because of the virus's effect on people's lives 



Please enjoy!!!

STOP THE VIRUS SONG by singapore singer/songwriter/entertainer/emcee ALEX TAN SING 

Finally my Stop The Virus youtube video is out!!!!

The song will be downloadable soon here, so stay tuned!!!!


Here's the lyrics:

Stop The Virus by Alex Tan Sing 

Hey everyone, Boys & Girls 

You can do your part to Stop The Virus 

With these simple steps 

As easy as 123 

Wash Your Hands regularly 

with soap & water to get rid of it 

Or sanitize & let them dry 

Before touching your face 

mouth, nose or  eyes 

Stop the Virus 

Stop the Spread 

Wash your hands & 

Use your head 

Stop the Virus 

Stop the…

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Music Holiday Rendezvous at Sun Plaza 

i am exceptionally blessed to be hosting & performing at the Music Holiday Rendezvous at Sun Plaza. Guess what's so special? YES!!! I decided to write a musical intro with both Music Holiday Rendezvous as well as the Mandarin title as the intro to the show segment when i appear on stage.

the organisers are so super impressed with my value added services.


PLus the big surprise - my original composition - STOP THE VIRUS SONG has premiered to great reviews & feedback!!!! So super stoked!!! Watch out for the…

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Covid 19 Virus cannot bring me down 

Yes although quite a few of my events were postponed, I consider myself very blessed still to be able to do quite a few CNY events & this break might break some spirits but I vividly remember the first SARS & its impact & understand that this is a good time to do what i always love to do!!!

So Covid19 you will be overwhelmed & you will see me coming like a force when you are gone!!! Headsup Alex!!!!   Watch put World!!!!

Chinese New Year Lohei again!!! 

Yes its time for the annual Chinese new Year Lohei & I am so glad to be bring on the festive cheer for the Lunar New Year gatherings

Birthday WIshes 

Today is my Birthday! Naturally I reflect on what I am grateful for :

I am grateful to be alive, to be healthy & alive is such a great gift that so many people take for granted. To be able to eat that delicious breakfast of eggs & toast, with succulent sweet black cherries to top it off! What a healthy breakfast what a start!

I am grateful to be able to do what I love-singing, hosting, performing, dancing, song writing, costume designing- whatever creative that has kept me going on stage. Now I am…

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GREASE theme DnD 

Grease has always been 1 of my favourite musicals. Who can deny the impact it had on my generation, especially the truly magnetic John Travolta with the cheesiest storyline (still we love it) & the fun musical numbers like Summer Loving.

So I am looking forward to another great event coming right up this Fri!!!


Hawaiian Shirt & Costumes is finally completed!!! 

I simply love putting my Hawaiian outfit together. I love the vibrant colours, the many beautiful bling-bling & sparkling stones I have painstaking sewn onto the outfit & to top it off-the accessories were dazzling!

One look in the mirror & I was totally sold! It is so complete- I am very sure even the natives at Hawaii will also gawk at it!!!   haha simply joys of an artiste   

Hawaiian DnD Showtime 

As a singer, I thought it's time to up my performance to the next level by providing a fuller experience. So when it comes to doing a Hawaiian theme, I decided to whip out my ukulele & sing the all time Hawaiian tune, Aloha Oe. With a twist of course!

I changed the lyrics slightly, well as a singer songwriter that's where my strength lies & decided to croon & serenade plus teach them to sing, with my ukulele.

So every morning when I wake up, I religiously practise as if I am going to have my concert…

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Fun DnD Emcee Showreel 

Having being an emcee-singer-comedian-entertainer here in Singapore for over 20 years, I think i have come full circle in terms of what I can offer as an entertainer, always striving to be the best, to be truly international!

& finally My Fun Dnd Showreel is out! Hosting DnD requires so much energy & I even exhausted myself considering how much I give, this company party consisting of various ethnic groups-from CEO to management to the blue collar, everyone came together & had fun!!! 

Need a Special Showtime???

Contact Alex to specially create 1 for you-from Songwriting to performing it-Anything is possible!!!

Alex can sing & play on ukulele

& dance the Hawaii Hula too!

singapore hawaiian shirt DnD theme emcee singer fun games

ALEX's New Fun DnD Showreel

Why Alex is 1 of Singapore's funniest Emcees

Click to download this video(then right save as) 

Multi-lingual Emcee-Singer Alex

Fluent in English & Chinese, can converse in Malay & in dialects

Sing in all 4 Official SG Languages, in dialects & many more other languages-Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Thai etc  

Alex is learning Korean at the moment 안녕하세요 !

singapore thai wedding multilingual emcee singer Thai Song Alex Tan Sing

Alex just returned from Shanghai


singapore emcee Bilingual D&D Event emcee singer review Alex tan Sing Testimonial D&D

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